At TietoEnator we use Andutteye widely for variety of purposes. Examples are Server Provisioning, Standardisation, Traceability and Monitoring. The Andutteye software have definitely proven its Datacenter capabillities to our organisation. There are Customer cases where large proprietary Monitoring solutions could not help us, in spite the gigantic price tag. Thanks to the flexibility and the light-weight yet powerful edge of Andutteye we could actually not have succeeded in those cases.”

Kent Bergelin TietoEnator – Manager Server Operations Sweden.


is an open source systems management platform that automates enterprise data centers and keeps them running. Andutteye contains different modules that targets different tasks of systems management. With Andutteye you get in control of your systems in your data center and can from a central point of operations manage all your systems.

Andutteye gives your company all needed functionality, features and modularity that professional IT systems management requires of a systems management tool. From a single point of operations you can monitor, manage and execute all range of tasks needed for centralized systems management. Andutteye are divided in modules that are interacting with each other and can share information and data. You can decide which modules that shall be activated based on the system management needs for the specific system and the overall profile for your company. Andutteye
Andutteye have a clean look and css style sheet theme support and all its underlaying engines are programmed with the Perl programming language. The Andutteye architecture are api based with isolated services that contains the Andutteye logic. The api:s is performing all Andutteye to and from operating system communications which makes it very simple to port.

”Besides to give us the tools for monitoring, standardisation of our serverenviroment, Andutteye gives us the power to implement working processes and routines according to ITIL/ITSM”

Marko Vourinen Datacenter Stockholm – Unix/Linux technical specialist.

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