is the next product Thundera provides after Andutteye for Enterprise datacenter use. Flow is an opensource application cyclesolution that gives you and your company the tools to control, cycle and check your applicationstack over multiple systems, operatingsystems and distributions. Flow is compact, easy to configure and secure. It gives you the security and dynamic approach you need to cycle large applicationstacks over multiple systems during automatic reboots or manual initiations.

Multioperatingsystem, Multidistribution, No interconnects, No kernelmodules, Zero complexity and easy to use.

What Flow is and provides

  • Multisystem cycleutillity
  • Multi OS and distribution support
  • Lightweight
  • Scaleble
  • Integrated support with init, chkconfig and systemctl
  • Encrypted communications with ssl
  • Local and remote service dependencie resolving
  • Unit control and cycling
  • Index control and cycling

What Flow is not

  • A substitute for Init, Systemctl or Upstart
  • A HA cluster with failover logic
  • A HA cluster that takes actions on events

Contact Thundera at info at thundera dot se for more Flow information, need or interest to use it in your datacenter.